A constantly growing list of companies and startups working in the field of Coworking Space in Varanasi are as follows- 

  1. EasyDaftar – EasyDaftar is a coworking space in Varanasi which provides an environment that pushes you to innovate. It also provides other facilities like High-speed internet,printing,conference room,cafeteria,courier services,receptionist and Mailing address. It  gives an opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds under one roof and work individually together. 
  1. SmartWorks Coworking – SmartWorks Coworking is a coworking space in Varanasi and is  one of its kind vibrant and creative co-working space. It provides workstations and office facilities,host events to inspire and bring like-minded people together,and conduct skill based workshops.
  1. Worknests – Worknests is a coworking space in Varanasi  offers ready-to-use plug and play shared and virtual office space with flexible office configurations for businesses of different sizes. It also includes parking space for employees daily cleaning services,high-speed internet connectivity among others. 
  1. Awfis – Awfis  provides a chance to the startups and entrepreneurs a new platform to achieve work together. It offers the environment which helps in achieving bigger and better. It also offers accessibility,workstation,conference room,high-speed internet etc . It is mainly based in all premium locations of New Delhi and is also close to the metro station. 
  1. Studio CoWork – Studio Cowork is a coworking space and a workplace for both the users short and long both. It is an effective solution for startups and freelancers. It also provides facilities like high internet,Power Backup,Team Rooms,Conference Rooms,Petfriendly,unlimited tea and coffee. 
  1. Workstreet – Workstreet is simply best for its ambience and unique look. It has all the specialties like conference rooms,WIFI,Stationery etc. It also operates as a cafe in the daytime  and a workplace for new entrepreneurs.
  1. Kwicdeskz – Kwicdeskz is a coworking space which provides  an open and informal environment for the ideas to blossom It also offers spacious meeting rooms,plug and play workstations .
  1. My Cube – My Cube is a coworking space is one of the popular coworking spaces inVaranasi .  They offer the lowest rent per seat. It also offers dedicated seats,tea\coffee,ample parking space,100 Mbps Wifi Internet and a lot more.
  1. Bhowanipore Nwook – Bhowanipore Nwook  is a simple coworking space in Varanasi where startups,freelancers and entrepreneurs can meet, learn and work together. It is started to support and motivate the generations of hi-tech India by providing all the required facilities like workstations,cabins,offices,high-quality etc. 

Adhunik Workspaces – Adhunik Workspaces is simply best for its creativity. It is located in Patna. It is equipped with basic amenities and working space. It also offers internet,pantry and printer facilities as well.


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