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A constantly growing list of companies and startups working in the field of Coworking Space in Mysuru  are as follows- 

  1. MyOfficeSpace – MyOfficeSpace   is a workplace for both the users short and long both. It is an effective solution for startups and freelancers. It also provides facilities like high internet,Power Backup,Team Rooms,Conference Rooms,Petfriendly,unlimited tea and coffee. 
  1. Sproutbox –  Sproutbox is simply best for its ambience and unique look. It has all the specialties like conference rooms,WIFI,Stationery etc. It also operates as a cafe in the daytime and converts itself into a pub at night. 
  1. TTBS Coworking Space – TTBS is a coworking space for the professionals and the entrepreneurs to innovate their ideas.  It also provides other facilities like High-speed internet,printing,conference room,cafeteria,courier services,receptionist and Mailing address. It  gives an opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds under one roof and work individually together. 
  1. MyHQ- Workspace – myHQ  is a coworking space in Mysore  with a fine place to work. It has a very good environment with sunlight for professionals.It provides private cabins,virtual office,personal desks as a work prospect. 

We Work – WeWork is simply an office-leasing company.It makes money by renting office space. It rents desks to individuals or groups who want the benefits of a fully stocked office without the expense of a full office. It is a global network of workspaces where companies and people grow together.


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