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Startup Incubator in Odisha

A startup incubator is a collaborative program designed to help new startups succeed. The sale purpose of a startup incubator is to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Startup incubators are usually non-profit organizations, which are usually run by both public and private entities.

The top best startup incubator in Odisha are as follows-

1.Technology Business Incubation Center(TBI)A technology business incubator is a type of business incubator focused on supporting startups that use modern technologies as the primary means of innovation. The goal of TBI is to facilitate economic development by improving the survival and growth of new entrepreneurial groups.

  • TBI provides workspace with shared office facilities and business and professionals services to all the startups.

2. KIIT Technology Business Incubation

  • KIIT-TBI is an Odisha based business incubator offering a conclusive ecosystem to promote innovation. It is a private incorporated on 13 October 2009 as an initiative of the Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology(KIIT). It is classified as Guarantee and Association Company.

3. XAVIER Council of Innovations

  • XAVIER Council of Innovations(XCI) supports & build incubation facilitates that will support technology and knowledge-based ventures. It is classified as a Non-govt company and is registered at Registrar companies, Cuttack. It also started the process of mapping innovative ideas, providing platforms, and sustainability of nascent projects.

4. CTTC(Innovation & Incubation Centre), Bhubaneswar

  • The Central Tool Room Training Centre(CTTC), Bhubaneswar, and GIZ organized this awareness event on innovation, incubation, and entrepreneurship on September 13. GIZ is supporting the setup and operationalization of the incubator at the CTTC through expert advice on activities such as training through capacity building and financial means.

5. Gram Tarang Employability Training Services

  • Gram Tarang Employability Training Services Pvt. Ltd. is a social entrepreneurial initiative in skill training working in largely underdeveloped regions of the country and is committed to providing young people with high-quality vocational education & skill training, relevant & recognized certifications resulting in meaningful employment & successful careers in the organized sector.


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