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Indian Startup Unicorn 2020

Let’s start by understanding what a Unicorn is before we discuss which startups are boon or unicorns of 2020. A Unicorn is a mythical creature, something so amazing who is hard to even catch or simply very rare to find. Hence, when we denote Unicorn to a Startup it’s a business that held value at 1 Billion USD, this term is coined in 2013 by VC Aileen Lee.

There are 11 Indian companies/ Startups which have gained the value of Unicorns in 2020 because of their growth aspect, performance, and leadership qualities.

Startups starting from Unacademy, followed by Pinelab, Firstcry, Zenoti, Nykaa, Postman, RezorPay, Cars-24, Daily Hunt, DailyHunt, and last but not least Zerodha.

Where Unacademy is an Edutech application helps students or we could say learners to learn new subjects. It not only covers the syllabus for school students but even for well-renowned examinations like JEE- Mains, JEE- Advanced, NEET, NET, and GATE, etc…

Pinelab is India based card swipe machine, it is most likely that you see Pinelab when you are using your debit or credit card. Though it was incorporated in Singapore its key investors are Sequoia India, Mastercard, Actis Capital, Termasek, PayPal, and Sofina. Whereas RazorPay is the fastest growing online payment platform, it had made its way into the market because of its access through credit and debit cards, UPI, and popular mobile wallets, and easy-access facilities.

Next in line is FirstCry, if you are a new parent or have encountered one, it’s very evident that FirstCry has hammered their e-commerce strategies on people real hard.

Then comes my personal favorite, Zerodha which is India’s No. The stock trading app, which is a brainchild of Nithin Kamath, who is CEO and founder of Zerodha and introduced to the market in 2010. They have kick-started operations by breaking the barriers that traders and Investors face including cost, Customer support, and technology. They have crossed 4+ million clients placing millions of orders. This has been bootstrapped for the longest time and proved itself profitable to be a unicorn.

Zenoti is web-based software used by mostly Spas & Salons and Medical Spas, all around the world Its major clients are non-India based. They have excelled in the market with customer loyalty, higher revenue, and customer focus service. Whereas Postman is a popular API (Application Programming Interface) client that makes it easy for developers to create, share, test, and document APIs, by allowing users to create and save simple and complex HTTP/s requests. If you’re a techie then you would have the best understanding of the following and have created fascination.

Nykaa, which has emerged as a cosmetic company but, since It has had bloomed with their own cosmetic products and lifestyle stores. And, Cars-24, has started as the selling and buying of used cars with an optimum valuation for both buyers and sellers.

Daily hunt, have had started their reign as news platform in regional language but now have made into audiobooks, magazines, and contents, etc…

Last but not least Glance, whose parent company is InMobi, it’s interference when the android mobile is locked.


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