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Best Angel Investor in Turkey

1- Team Wave – Best Angel Investor in Turkey

Turkey is the fifth biggest startup market for angel investors in Europe, according to the European Trade Association for Business Angels [EBAN]. While over 600 million euros were invested in Turkey, it is still at an early stage of the Angel Investment ecosystem. There exist various alternatives for promoting start-ups or individual entrepreneurs such as KOSGEB, TOBB, bank loans, Incentives of Ministry of Economics, etc. However, those also come with strict procedures and bureaucracy. In this context, angel investors are seemed to be the shortcuts to the actualisation of the idea and the achievement eventually.

2- Galata Business Angels – Angel investors, CVCs and VCs in Istanbul

As Galata Business Angels (GBA), we are Turkey’s premier angel investment network, bringing together high potential entrepreneurs with the most experienced investors and bringing out successful digital entrepreneurial stories. We are operating as a non-profit association, investing in digital and innovative business ideas in every sector.

3- Researchgate – (PDF) Venture Capital and Business Angels: Turkish Case

Venture capital (VC) may be defined as a support to entrepreneurial talents and appetite by turning ideas and basic science into products and services which are expected to envy the world. Although venture capitalists and business angels supply external funding for risky investments, the aspects of venture capitalists and business angels are different approaching the investment candidates. Business angels in the last decade have become undispansible players providing external capital for risky start-ups and contributing technological advancements and economic growth. Business angels could be either private wealth individuals or institutional venture capitalists. Private angels invest their own money that’s why their invested capacity are limited while venture capitalists invest others’money with an extensive source. This research examines the the way of doing business for venture capitalists and business angels. Furthermore, venture capital market and business angels are reviewed for the Turkish case.

4- Angel Investment Network – Angel Investor in Istanbul, Turkey – Angel Investment 

Back in 2004, lots of people were trying to start businesses – many with brilliant ideas. But they were struggling to find the seed funding necessary to grow; and the best investors to guide their growth.

5- dinarstandard – Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists in Turkey 

As an entrepreneur having gone through angel and venture capital (VC) funding stages for my technology start-ups, I have a special interest in developments of the VC world. I started hearing about increasing amount of investment activities mainly in the information technology (IT) field in my home country Turkey although small and medium enterprises (SME) in developed countries are still suffering from lack of business loans and slower funding activities that started with latest global finance crisis

6- Hurriyet Daily News – Turkey is becoming a global hub for angel investment – Latest

A tax incentive brought by the Turkish Treasury and the policy of supporting entrepreneurs and their supporters have helped Turkey position Istanbul as a global hub for startups, according to an experienced angel investor. Last year, Turkey became the fifth biggest startup market for angel investors in Europe, according to the European Trade Association for Business Angels [EBAN]. Some 512 million euros were invested in Turkey, whereas five years ago Turkey ranked 32nd,” Baybars Altuntaş, the chairman of the World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF), has told the Hürriyet Daily News.

7- Daily Sabah – Investors show growing interest in Turkish startups

Foreign and domestic investors continue to show a keen interest in the Turkish startup ecosystem, proven by the data pertaining to investment deals made from January through April. Some 161 angel investors, corporate venture capital investors and venture capital companies made investments in the four-month period of this year, compared to 73 a year ago, according to data from startup monitor startups.watch. Gaming, financial technologies and cloud technologies secured the largest share of the funding.

8- CCT Investments – Angel Investors’ Eye on Turkish Startups

We can identify the simple difference between the angel investor and the investor in the risk-taking projects: the first investor invests his own money, while the other investor invests a certain number of partners often. Over the past years, angel investors in Europe and the United States have expanded extensively in Turkey. The name of the angels is given to investors who support new entrepreneurs by injecting money and advice. But some people called them fisherman hunters who are looking for lucrative investment opportunities for themselves. Turkey is supporting angel investors through tax exemptions. To capitalize on this support, investments must be innovative, companies at risk should have prospects for rapid progress, and researches should be development oriented.


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