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Best Angel Investor in Thailand

1- Startup in Thailand – Best Angel Investor in Thailand

Thailand signifies one of the most favorable opportunities for entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia. It is the second largest economy in the region and has the most business-friendly policies in the world. Thailand’s startup as well as Thai business scene is still very promising and you can see activities from only angel investors and VCs focusing on seed stage. As the investment and startup scenes in Southeast Asia are heating up, the angel investor is popping up throughout the region and many domestic as well as foreign entrepreneurs starting business in Thailand. There is a lot of scope and room for angel investment in Thailand to grow as high-wealth individuals are becoming more familiar with and are building relationships with the emerging startup companies and entrepreneurs. Many of the investments which are made by angels are as co-investors trusting on early-stage funds as the lead investors in the round

2- TeamWave – Top Angel Investors in Thailand

Thailand has become one of the fastest-growing markets in South-east Asia over the last decade, attracting many talented entrepreneurs to start new businesses in the region. In fact, the Thai startup scene is one of the top emerging startup ecosystems in the world. Angel investors play a critical role in expanding the pipeline of investible businesses by providing early-stage ventures with essential resources including capital to bridge the funding gap and by sharing their expertise and networks to unlock business opportunities that facilitate growth.

3- Startup in Thailand – Starting a business with Angel Investors in Thailand

Thailand, and its capital city Bangkok, has long been a business hub for Business Angels. Both domestic and international businesses have thrived in the region over the past decade, making it the second-largest economy in South East Asia. Part of the appeal for businesses is Thailand’s low cost of living. Good quality commercial properties are available at reasonable prices and the country’s current business regulations encourage entrepreneurship. A strong work ethic and an increasingly educated population further strengthen the case for doing business in Thailand.

4- Thailand WBA Forum – World Business Angels Investment Forum Thailand

In the past, inventions were important for the economic development of societies. In the 21stcentury, however, it is not invention but innovation that counts. In those earlier times, entrepreneurial skills were not needed to get an invention to the market because it was a seller’s economy, where customers were ready to buy anything new. Times have changed, and the rules of the game have changed.Today’s inventors need more than just a clever idea. They need a complex set of skills to move their innovative idea into the market and to ensure it succeeds.

5- Scandinavian – Angel Investor in Bangkok, Thailand

Back in 2004, lots of people were trying to start businesses – many with brilliant ideas. But they were struggling to find the seed funding necessary to grow; and the best investors to guide their growth.


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