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Best Angel Investor in Nigeria

1- Current School News – Best Angel Investor in Nigeria

Current School News is a subsidiary school news portal with an aim of providing useful and valuable information about Higher Institutions, Scholarships, Study-abroad, Jobs, Sport, Tech, Health and much more to students at all levels of education – Undergraduate, Masters, Doctoral and Post-doctoral levels. If you are already a students or graduates of any higher institution, but searching for jobs or scholarships in other to support your education, then subscribe to our platform today by liking our FACEBOOK PAGE, TWITTER, or INSTAGRAM account.

2- Angel Investment Network – Angel Investor in Abuja, Nigeria

Back in 2004, lots of people were trying to start businesses – many with brilliant ideas. But they were struggling to find the seed funding necessary to grow; and the best investors to guide their growth.

3- Nairaland – Best Angel Investors Funding African Startups

Best Angel Investors Funding African Startups offering a supportive community for startups, Africa has become a hub for entrepreneurs to launch their businesses. In fact, the number of startups created in the past five years has exceeded the quantity just five years prior. Individuals looking to start their business here should mull over the following list of angel investors, who are eager to fund enterprises.

4- Shopify – Angel Investor Definition – What is Angel Investor 

An angel investor is a wealthy individual who provides funding for a startup, often in exchange for an ownership stake in the company. Typically, angels, as they are known, will invest somewhere between $25,000-500,000 to help a company get started. In many cases, angels are the last option for startups that don’t qualify for bank financing and may be too small to interest a venture capital (VC) firm. Unlike VCs, however, which demand aggressive revenue growth quickly, angels are more concerned with the commitment and passion of the founders and the larger market opportunity that they have identified. While angels don’t want to lose their money, they aren’t typically as focused on making a quick buck as VCs are.

5- Invests Mall – Angel Investment Network in Nigeria

One of the major problems businesses face today is the unavailability of investors or rather poor access to investors. Without investors to provide the fund, there are only a few businesses that can expand on its own. Therefore, the Angel Investment Network exists, to bridge the gap between small businesses and investors.

6- ProfitableVenture – Best Places to Find and Connect With Angel Investors in USA

ProfitableVenture.com is a “Give Back” Project to the community powered by Profitable Venture Magazine Ltd; a business research company. It is a vehicle designed to solve intricate human problems in business by raising “Problem Solvers and Entrepreneurs.” We are the Fuel that breathe life into your entrepreneurial flame and above all, we eliminate the basic excuse/obstacle which is holding you back from either starting your own business or pursuing your dream career.

7- Invstor – Angel Investor List Free | Angel Investors

On any given day Invstor manages up to 10,000 active requests for funding by entrepreneurs looking to start everything from restaurants to real estate ventures to the next big technology play.  By this point we’ve seen just about every type of idea you could imagine.


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